It has taken me over twenty years to get to this point, the point when I could share all that I have learned with others. The point where I could say, “Ya know what? My life was pretty rough at points, but I survived.”

I have chosen to etch my memories on paper because I believe some of me is brought forth from generational habits. I don’t want my children or grandchildren to walk the same path I did. I want them to learn from my hindsight wisdom before making the same mistakes. This will allow them to go further in life, and save them some pain.

Aside from writing, I am Mom, Wife, Aunt, Sister, Daughter, and Friend to many. I enjoy writing and sharing my stories with others, though often times those “others” don’t quite understand the point of my stories, that’s not on them, it’s on me and teaches me to become better at what I love to do.


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